Work for Sale

Contact Kit on or 07734462162 if you would like further information or to purchase work.

North Yorkshire Open Studios

I have been creating a body of work during lockdown which is limited to using under 75g of wet clay per piece – this has enabled me to focus , has conserved valuable clay and raw materials and has enabled me to experiment with some new additions to the clay.

My work is all handmade and every piece is as unique as a fingerprint. I colour the Parian using oxides, glaze stains and sometimes add other materials such as sand. The markings are created by layering, cutting and reforming and then the forms are created using moulds or rollers.

Buying work:
Please contact me on or ring 07734462162 if you would like to purchase or discuss work. Make a note of the number of the piece you want and if it is Confined Series I or II please. Delivery within the Runswick/Whitby area will be free, as will delivery in North Leeds. Postage and packing will depend on the size/weight of the piece and will be between £3 and £5, currently only dispatching to the UK. Please contact me for postage if purchasing multiple items.

Note : unglazed Parian cannot be considered food safe

Confined Series I

Parian – texture only

The Blues or Tidal

Coastal / earth colours

Volcanic – blacks, greys and volcanic sand

Coppers / greens

Parian with copper carbonate additions is really difficult to photograph. The colours don’t fully show the depth and variety created. The texture created by the interaction of the clay and copper carbonate isn’t fully represented. I have tried my best to capture the subtleties – I’m happy to send you a short video if you think that will help.

Other colours – Borage

Confined Series II

After 30 days of lockdown working on pieces under 75g of wet clay I decided to continue experimenting using the weight control of clay and raw materials as the restrictions continue.

Copper Oxide – greens

Really difficult to do these pieces justice – Copper Oxide reacts with the clay to create ridges which increase the movement created by the colours within the clay.

Turquoise glaze stain

Volcanic – blacks, greys, volcanic and spangles

Yellow glaze stain